Learn About Lily

Software Engineering Student
Web Development Teacher
Aspiring UX Researcher


I am a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas studying Software Engineering with a domain in Human Computer Interactions. I have a passion for User Experience Research, Web Development, and Education.
My personal mission is to spread awareness of user-centered design.

Below are just some of my skills:


Proficient in using Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch to design high/low fidelity mockups.
Used Axure to create dynamic prototypes for research and presentation.


Event coordinator and web developer of the User Experience Club.
Marketing Officer of the Largest Hackathon in Texas. Recipient of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.


Excellent Professional and interpersonal qualities from experience with customer service and tour guiding at NASA.


3 Years of experience educating high school girls how to code. Exhbits potential to improve by starting as a Teaching Assistant to being promoted to Advisor.

Front-End Development

Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create responsive, functional websites.

Back-End Development

Collaborated with a team of 5 to create a smart pantry mobile app using React.js.


Below you will find the highlights of my work! I am happy to showcase the successful events that I have put on for my clubs to the passion projects I have produced.

Lily at GEICO

UX/UI Design Internship @ GEICO

Over the summer, I got to spend my time learning from GEICO's amazing Experience Design Team (XD). Working closely with professional UX Designers and Researchers allowed me to develop my skills in usability testing, wireframing, and prototyping. Under the mobile app team, I was given independent projects that would be implemented by development.

Lily at Northside

Northside Website Case Study

As a Community Assistant Intern for Balfour Beatty, I was tasked to improve the experience of the residents at Northside Apartments. After facing many complaints concerning the usability of the website, I conducted research on how to improve customer satisfaction. Using that information, I created a prototype and mockup of an ideal off-campus student housing website.

Lily working at conference

Designing for A Changing World Conference

As Event Coordinator of the UX Club at UT Dallas, I played a large role in planning our first professioanl conference in-person after the pandemic. This included handling the logistics with our cooporate sponsors and guest speakers in the user experience industry. We were able to host incredible speakers such as CEO of Bottle Rocket, Calvin Carter, and Founder of Big Design Conference, Brian Sullivan. With a team of 13 hard-working people, we raised over $3000 in funds and had over 100 people in attendence.

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